Ceremony and Reception

August 18, 2017

Cedar Hall
3712 Broadway Rd.
Memphis, TN 38135


Can I bring a date?

Absolutely! If the invitation did not have your plus one you are still welcome to bring one, we only ask that you indicate that on your RSVP. Food is by the person, so please only bring a date if you indicated it on your RSVP.

Can I bring the kids?

We love your kids, but we ask that you take the night off and get a babysitter.

What should I wear?

Don’t you wish that every wedding you went to included this section? It’s Memphis in August - it will be hot! Our ceremony and reception will be inside with a cocktail hour in-between on the patio (weather permitting).

Ladies - Wear your favorite sun dress

Guys - Khakis and a Polo are just fine